I love you and shit but no that’s

I love you and shit but no that’s

I have been thinking about it for some time now, about having you back in my life, yaaa I know that you think that I don’t love you and shit but no that’s not true, not even a percent, trust me on that.

I have loved you, loved you a lot. And don’t think that I am writing this because abhii recently you were like that you want to be in a relationship and stuff. Even before that, the day we stole that westside waala flex, that day I was telling about you to my friends. Everyone was like why did you guys broke up and stuff. All I said was we didn’t know that both of us will end up in the same city. A day or two after that someone asked me that if I am planning to get you back, I was like I don’t know yarr that whether I will be able to manage all of it or not. like we guys are in different colleges and stuff.

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All he said was give it a chance and see what happens, obviously, I wasn’t convinced just by this. I still wanted to find out if I will be able to manage it or not.Abhii then jab us din you said tb I was like haan actually she does have a point. whats the use of loving someone if we can’t be together after being in the same city. Right? I know.

All the time I used to tease you na ki I never proposed you properly, so lets do it this time and try to start a new journey, a journey full of happiness and fun, a journey which will obviously include bad times, but in that journey we both will have someone to be with, someone who will do anything to make the other person happy and make him/her smile like an idiot everytime he/she is low. Yes, that is the journey I want to go on with you, like all the other journeys, obviously this journey will also have ups and downs. but what I can promise is that I will do everything in my power to make it an everlasting journey. So bhavya Vidyarthi i am not forcing you or anything, just think about it, take permission from whomever you want to and let me know if you want to accompany me in this journey of my life for a really really long time.


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