I the disease rate throughout the world. Usually,

I the disease rate throughout the world. Usually,

I feel like it morally wrong for children to suffer irrespective of the cost according to research by UNICEF malnutrition is a major contributing factor to child death.

Each year, about 2.1 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Many children may not receive their necessary first year vaccinations because of lack of availability, religious beliefs, and safety concerns. Although most States requires children to be vaccinated to certain diseases before entering school as they have exemptions for these vaccinations. Parents often choose not to get their children immunized, and it has proven harmful to the health of the global population.

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It is important for parents to have their children vaccinated against diseases such as measles, mumps, and polio because it is important to promote the welfare of the human race. Vaccinations have significantly reduced the disease rate throughout the world. Usually, vaccines prove to be between 90 and 99 percent effective. This reduces disease and mortality rate by thousands every year. On average, vaccines save the lives of 33,000 innocent children every year.

In addition, if a vaccinated child did contract the vaccine’s targeted illness, that child would, in general, have more mild symptoms than an unvaccinated child that contracts the same illness. These vaccinated children will have less serious complications if they do contract the disease; they will be much more treatable, and have a lower risk of death


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