I and speak the most spoken language

I and speak the most spoken language

I am aspiring to learn Mandarin in Chinese Language Center at National Chengchi University to communicate and understand native Mandarin speakers. This will also allow me to gain deep appreciation of Chinese culture and its people in Taiwan.

I have acquired my bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas last 2009. Since I have worked in the hospitality industry for several years, it will be beneficial if I pursue learning Mandarin in Taiwan to experience full immersion in their culture and practice of the language. As I have dealt with Mandarin speakers in the past, I have realized how important it is to know and speak the most spoken language in the world. This will blossom instant connection and openness to both sides without feeling of fear that will result in language barrier.

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I have gained my interest in Chinese Language Center at National Chengchi University since it has been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language for more than twenty years. It is one of the most prestigious schools in Taiwan and the curriculum outline is motivating. There are also different facilities available in the campus and accommodation options for international students.I will strive hard in learning Basic Mandarin in National Chinese Language Center at National Chengchi University for three months. I will actively participate in different activities that will help me become knowledgeable of the culture and Chinese people.

Also, I will try to speak in simple daily conversations to help me gain confidence in learning Mandarin.Having the opportunity to learn Mandarin will be a boost in my chosen career, the hospitality industry, which I believe will serve a competitive advantage. It will be the key to global companies. Moreover, this will promote career advancement and greater opportunities. After the completion of my granted program, I will pursue higher studies when possibilities become available. However, I will seek an opportunity in my home country to educate fellow Filipinos on Mandarin.

I will strive to promote my learning experiences to them who are hoping to learn the language and pursue higher degree in which Taiwan has to offer. Furthermore, this will imply sharing the similarities of both cultures that will cultivate their interest living and studying in Philippines’ closest neighboring country. Filipino students will be encouraged choosing Taiwan in improving their knowledge abroad that provide affordability yet gaining quality education.


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