i. judge. So, firstly they should be

i. judge. So, firstly they should be

i. The career that I am researching is lawyer. Lawyer is the one who help to manage or advise clients on legal transactions and help them to draw up legal document. They also represent their client in civil and criminal litigation and other legal proceedings. A lawyer can be specialize in a single area or may be practice broadly in many areas of law.

ii. There are many important skills that needed by a lawyer. First, they really need to be expert in oral and written communication skills as they have to argue convincingly in the courtroom and they must also produce a sort of legal document with clearly written, concisely and persuasively. Besides that, a lawyer should be self-confidence. They must convince their client’s innocence and stick to the law to the judge. So, firstly they should be confidence and believe in themselves.

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Next, a lawyer must always be attention to details. They have to achieve the thoroughness and accuracy when they are helping their clients to argue at the court and preparing the legal document. Besides that, they have to be able to think clearly, reasonably and logically in order to come up with sound arguments that fit the facts of a case to apply critical reasoning. The lawyer’s duties is advise their clients that concerning some business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.

They have to use their knowledge of legal precedents to analyse the probable outcomes of cases and help their clients to present and summarize the cases to the judge and juries in the court. Before that, they also have to evaluate the cases to find some strategies and arguments in the preparation for the presentation of the cases. iii.

The education that needed by a lawyer in Malaysia is must at least own a Law Degree after you your SPM or O-levels. You should find the right college or University to study your Pre-U or A-levels. After you obtain at least 2 principals in the A-levels, you can go for the Law Degree and make sure it is recognized by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB). It usually needed to study 4 years that included a professional year. You will need to pass the Certificate In Legal Practice (CLP) or Bar Vocational Course (BVC) exam that’s approximately 9 months long if your Law Degree doesn’t included a professional year. After that, you must have your internship that as known as “chambering” in a lawyer firm to gain knowledge and experience to the work of a lawyer.

When you completed the internship, you will be a qualified lawyer and allowed to practice independently. iv. There are many different types of lawyers. The likelihood of getting job in this field when I graduate from my studies is to become an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer is the one who have contract or within an employment relationship. They usually will give advice about legal issue to the company whether the employee or an individual who’s having problems with the company.

Besides that, I also considered to become a criminal lawyer that can help other to represent defendants facing criminal charges in state, federal and appellate courts. The scope of a criminal lawyer includes, plea bargains, revocation hearings (parole or probation), bail bond hearings and post-conviction remedies. Bases on the article from the website http://www.elawyer.

com.my/blog/salary-survey-report-for-malaysian-law-firms/, the allowance for internship of a lawyer is basically if from RM 750-1200 in the town area of Malaysia. For the first year, the starting salary usually is between RM 2300-3000. After 1st year, the initial annual increment is basically from RM 200- 400.

The salary can be some distinction in different state of Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor, they usually paid a higher salary compared to other state of Malaysia. The size of the lawyer firm also will affect the salary. v.

I wanted to do research about lawyer because I am very interested in law. It is very challenging that working as a lawyer, they are the most intellectually rewarding jobs on the world as a problem-solvers, analysts and innovative thinkers whose intellect is crucial to career success. Besides that, I I am sure that I want to be a lawyer after doing the research because I think it can help people. I can help someone who are injustice to prove that the


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