How of history, it’s usually about historical

How of history, it’s usually about historical

How did Erectus survive?Homo erectus are known to be the oldest known close relative to have shown signs of modern human like body parts with and longer legs and shorter arms like modern humans. These features were due to adapting to living life on the ground, showing the loss of the earlier tree climbing abilities.Typically when one thinks of the concept of history, it’s usually about historical events such as, the Civil War, or other close related events but however; people fail to get educated about the extraordinary history of our existence; Homo Erectus. Homo Erectus was the first men and through the discoveries of its fossils, Scientists were able to study the remains and state that it was about 2 million years ago when Homo erectus evolved from the original primates in Africa. They evolved from Africa and later spread throughout the world.

There are some factors in which I believe were the main reasons for them to survive. The discovery and use of what at the time was very sophisticated was tool usage, and the use and control of fire, and Homo Erectus was physically larger than earlier hominids which lead to them being faster and gave them an advantage while hunting for food or being hunted. It may also have increased their food gathering abilities by expanding the amount of terrain they could cover daily.Unlike most of the earlier hominids that had crude choppers and flakes; which are just basically hand sized stones, Homo erectus ability to think so sophisticated and be able to essentially create one of the first ever made weapons; the stone axes. The stone Axe was similar to the acheulian tools made during the paleolithic era except Homo erectus held it together with strong string at one end of a stick. According to an article by, Nick Toth an archaeologist from Indiana University told National Geographics that, “Tools gave them access to elephants, wildebeest bonanzas so big they couldn’t eat it all,” It is predicted that they lived almost the same way modern families do today for example, They would tell each other the things they need in their homes such as, food, or wood for fires. Fire changed their lives drastically and made life much easier.

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They could use fire to cook their food, to keep them warm during the winter, and use it for light to keep any predators away which was a big advantage at the time. Homo erectus is responsible for creating the first wooden spears using stone. Homo erectus was able to physically alternate the rock and formed a sharp blade. With this and the ability to create fires Homo erectus are beginning to look like the “Alphas” of the time.

The ability to do things like this showed that homo erectus had bigger brains and that they were very intelligent which ultimately was their advantage over other predators that may have been stalking them such as, Tigers, Lion,etc..Their increased brain size could have also been a huge factor to their survival because it allowed them to adapt to the new culture and terrain fast. Due to its unique abilities to think with their brains to alter and create new things from nothing, the Homo Erectus population was able to thrive in their ecosystem and not be the helpless prey. Homo erectus capabilities made them better suited than other organisms in the area because their bigger brains gave them the ability to think more complex which ultimately became their “cheat code” because being able to make things like fires or the arrows is something no other alive organism could do at the time time.


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