he renovation of Parklands incorporates over 7

he renovation of Parklands incorporates over 7

he brief is to create an iconic, imaginative Games village with an identifiable heart thatdemonstrates sustainable development and carbon critical design for the 2018 CommonwealthGames held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, between 4 and 15 April 2018. The 2018Commonwealth Games village is to host 6500 athletes and officials throughout the 11 days ofthe competition. The village will accommodate residential, retail, recreation, dining and medicalservices required for athletes during the competition. As the largest reclamation urban project forthe Gold Coast, the renovation of Parklands incorporates over 7 hectares of open area. The site isplanned to integrate 1,252 apartments (1,170 one and two bedroom apartments and 82townhouses) housing 6,500 athletes and officials in the course of the games.The scope of this report is focused on the Games Village itself, and while it ensures that thevillage requirements needed for the Commonwealth Games can be met, this thesis is moreconcerned about what will happen to a Village Post-Games and how to build it into a sustainablecommunity.

This report entails the part of Sustainable community.

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