GUJARAT No.1. SHYAM JOSHI 1701731160062. SHALINIDEVI KUSHWAH 1701731160083.

GUJARAT No.1. SHYAM JOSHI 1701731160062. SHALINIDEVI KUSHWAH 1701731160083.


E.III, Semester-V(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)Submitted by:Group:Sr. Name of Student Enrollment No.1. SHYAM JOSHI 1701731160062. SHALINIDEVI KUSHWAH 1701731160083. VISHWANI PATEL 1701731160104.

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MANSI CHUDASAMA 170173116003Prof. Jignesh Vaniya(Faculty Guide)Dr. Vibha PatelHead of the DepartmentAcademic year(2018-2019)Table of ContentChapter 1 Introduction 11.1 About Domain/Area 1.

2 About the Definition 1.3 Users 1.4 Modules and Functionalities Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 Observation on Domain 2.

2 Literature review related to your definition Chapter 3 Design Consideration to detail design Part 3.1 Functional Requirement 3.2 Non- Functional Requirement 3.3 Design For Cost/Environment 3.4 Tools & Technology Chapter 4 Design 4.1 Use Case Diagram 4.

2 Sequence Diagram Chapter 5 User Interface Design 5.1 Snapshots of working modules of system Chapter 6 Conclusion & Future Work 6.1 Conclusion 6.2 Future Enhancement Appendix A Photo of Canvas Chapter 1: IntroductionAbout Domain/areaMost people living in hostel or temporarily in some flats whether students, teachers of college/school or Jobseekers, they frequently order food online for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They need to search for top rated Restaurants nearby and order food from that restaurants.

They need to know menus of Fixed Dishes ( Gujarati, Punjabi, etc) for ordering food of their choice. They mostly prefer Mid-priced family restaurants on daily basis. In addition to this, plenty of food is wasted in functions, parties and restaurants also. It creates food waste.About the Definition:We aim to develop an android application that let people order food online, View Menus of nearby restaurants, search restaurants/food of their choice, rate restaurants and if some food is left in functions (marriages or birthday parties) then upload that food with quantity and validity. And those who are from NGOs can view this and collect food from them and donate it to needy.Users:General PeopleRestaurateursNGO volunteers Modules and Functionalities: The product features include:Order food Food deliveryOnline paymentSearch for Food Restaurants in your areaRate stars to food restaurantsMinimize waste by donating left food to needyChapter 2: Literature Review2.

1 Observation on domain:It is observed that people do not want to visit restaurants to eat on daily basis. They want to search for restaurants/food, see the menus and order food online so that food is delivered to their address. People often not get the menus of Fixed dishes (Gujarati and others) online, so they need to call the relative restaurant for getting menus or visit the restaurant to see the menu. But if the menus are not of their choice and they came to restaurant then definitely they waste their time or else they need to eat it even if they don’t like it to eat.We Indians love to eat as well as feed others.

For this very reason, every time we have a function or a party, we ensure that there’s plenty of food around. After all the eating, drinking, and merriment, we often end up with a lot of leftover food. While some of it can be packed off to friends and relatives, most of it goes to waste. Often, after a big party at home is over, we wonder what to do with the food. 2.2 Literature Review Related to your Definition:Many restaurants are not connected to today’s food ordering apps, nor do they have any websites or apps to avail online food ordering. We try to connect more and more restaurants to ease up the searching process of restaurants, their food menus and online ordering.

NGO volunteers will be notified when food is left in their area. Remaining food/ Left out food will be collected by them and will be donated to needy to minimize waste.By connecting more and more restaurants, their business will also be improved by time.We will be providing coupons to first time users as in any other food ordering application. Chapter 3: Design Consideration to detail design part3.1 Functional Requirements:Android HandsetInternet ConnectivityDatabase serverAndroid Development tools3.

2 Non-Functional Requirements:Users of application Restaurateur NGO volunteers 3.3 Design for Cost/EnvironmentCost of internet dataCost of deploying serverCost of uploading application in Google Play store3.4 Tools and TechnologyAndroid studio (version 2.3)JDK (1.

8 or higher)MySQL DatabaseAndroid SmartphoneAndroid SDK and its Development toolsChapter 4: Design4.1 Use Case Diagram4.2 Sequence Diagram:Chapter 5: User Interface Design5.

1: Snapshots of working modules of systemLogin ScreenNavigation viewList of Restaurants:Chapter 6: Conclusion and Future Work:6.1 Conclusion:People often struggle to get information about each and every restaurant and get food menu of it especially if they go to some place for the first time. And NGO volunteers often do not know about the left out food in some area because of no proper communication system. By using this app, people get to know about best restaurants, find food of their choice in particular area, order food, and Food waste will also be minimized through proper communication between NGO volunteers and food caterers or Restaurants.

6.2 Future EnhancementThe application can be enhanced to track calories of people and suggest food according to diet plans. In that way, people are getting notified from time to time about their calorie calculation, total glasses of water to drink and other factors for staying healthy.The application understands the calorie values for every food items and shows calories for requested food items and then compares it with the total required calorie in one day for our body.Appendix A: Photos of Canvases:AEIOU Canvas SheetEmpathy Mapping Canvas SheetIdeation canvas SheetProduct Development Canvas SheetLNM Canvas SheetPrototype chartMind mapping chart


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