Group was palpated and then subjects were

Group was palpated and then subjects were

Group 1 consists of 177 subjects and they were treated with Hot pack and Muscle energy Technique. Subjects were taken in supine position on the plinth and the therapist present at the head of the table. MET was given on tight side. the therapist was passively flexed the subjects head and neck to approximately 45 degree until a sense of resistance was palpated and then rotate the head towards same side until a restrictive barrier was palpated and then subjects were instructed to gently push against the practitioner’s hand in opposite direction with approximately 40% of maximal contraction for 7-10s, followed by 2-3s of relaxation , and then the neck was passively stretched to the palpated barrier and/or tolerance to stretch and held for 30s.

the neck was relaxed in neutral position for a short resting period for 10s. This procedure was performed three times. On the final relaxation phase, the subject was instructed to breathe in and out for relaxation. This procedure was performed Three times.

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