Greenie1. are destroying the rhino species, or any

Greenie1. are destroying the rhino species, or any

Greenie1. My original answer was option E. I chose this answer because I do believe that it is the right thing to do. We are killing the rhino not based on need or survival but based on greed. 2. My answer is still option E.

I believe in the intrinsic value of nature and I still believe that it is the right this to do but over and above that there is no real reason why we are destroying the rhino species, or any other species for that matter. Sure, life as we know it will not change drastically if the rhino should become extinct due to our actions but why should it? One of the options listed is that we have bigger problems than worrying about rhinos but we are capable of focusing on more than one issue at a time. 3. 3.

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1. I do practice the values that I am describing to an extent. I can justify this by stating that intrinsic value is made up of subjective intrinsic value. Subjective intrinsic value is created by valuers (in this case humans) through their evaluative attitudes or judgments — it does not exist prior to or independent from these. Because of this, it is, like instrumental value, conditional but it is open to evaluation as well as revision through education and persuasion. How much subjective intrinsic value they have, in general or with respect to particular systems and species, depends upon the prevalence, strength, and stability of the valuing. Many people value some species and ecosystems (e.

g. rhinos) more than others (e.g. cockroaches).

As a result some species in nature can have more intrinsic value than others. 3.2.

Yes they are and I am adopting them more and more. Life has value because it is life. It does not matter if it is human life or animal life. I am not suggesting that all objects do not possess intrinsic value but I believe that most of them have instrumental value. Take money for instance, if we remove the instrumental value of money we are left with paper and coins that have no value but can one take away the value of nature completely? 3.

3 it is something I strive to do4. Obviously I disagree with you. I believe that nature is an end within itself instead of being a means to an end. Surely if you believe in the evolution of humans you would agree, unless we if you believe that humans also have instrumental value. References


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