Global from the national talent management efforts, which

Global from the national talent management efforts, which

Global versus National Talent Management and the Talent Management Process NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Global versus National Talent Management and the Talent Management Process Differentiate Between Global and National Talent Management EffortsTalent management is a widely recognized aspect across the globe. Talent management focuses on determining strategies and standard practices to nurture performance objectives in different demographics (Collings, Mellahi, & Cascio, 2017). Global talent management efforts take in consideration cross-cultural aspects, which are different from the national talent management efforts, which ignore these aspects. National talent management efforts are aimed at regulating and legislating talent management across different countries, which share their understanding with the global talent management (Collings, Mellahi, & Cascio, 2017). Global talent management focuses on identifying and developing high performing individuals to fill set up positions on a global scale where else national talent management focuses on determining high performing individuals on a national level (Collings, Mellahi, & Cascio, 2017).

Identify an Effective Method for Developing Global Business LeadersAn effective method for developing global business leaders is cultivation by companies, which prepares the leaders for global markets. Organizations have the capability of developing global leadership abilities due to their advantage of being able to relate with other global companies (Ariss, 2014). Organizations can use benchmarking as a process of identifying leadership skills and qualities of global leaders. This is the most effective method as organizations are able to access the necessary resources required in nurturing leadership skills and traits (Ariss, 2014). With most companies focusing on crossing to international markets to look for business opportunities, this will require competent personnel. Globalization has also enabled organizations to train their employees to the required standard levels (Ariss, 2014).

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Globalization has also enables companies to manage cultural differences with managers focusing on making global inspired decisions. By organizations creating a suitable environment, leaders are able to learn important leadership traits and have a change in their mindset focused on global thinking (Ariss, 2014). An Implementation Plan for a Leader in Your Organization Using the Chosen MethodWith the company having adopted a global perspective to train the leaders, international interactions can be cultivated which will enable the leader to interact and share information with other global leaders (Machado, 2017).

This is important in developing the necessary skills required to nurture the leader into a global business leader. Ensuring that all processes and operations in the organization are globalized is also important in nurturing global leadership (Machado, 2017). The leader can be trained on international patterns to improve their visualization on these patterns and different international aspects. This will allow the leader to examine the differences between international and national factors, which will enable learning to prevent errors in their leadership responsibilities (Machado, 2017). This will also improve the competence of the leaders, which is important for global leadership.

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