George against their oppressive farmer Mr. Jones (Tsar

George against their oppressive farmer Mr. Jones (Tsar

George Orwell’s book Animal Farm is about the farm animals on ‘Manor Farm’ rebelling against their oppressive farmer Mr. Jones (Tsar Nicholas II). Their life is peaceful and they are each fed more food than they were getting from Jones. After a while when Snowball (Leon Trotsky) and Napoleon (Joseph Stalin) have their battle for power Napoleon has his dogs chase Snowball of the farm. From there Napoleon becomes more corrupt and greedy and has anyone who is a threat to his rule punished.

Animal Farm is an allegory that was published in 1945 and closely follows the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and into the Stalinist era. As the story is a reflection of the Russian Revolution, Stalin is represented by the pig Napoleon, a greedy and powerful dictator that uses . Trotsky is represented by Snowball, who is more intelligent and had already won the loyalty of the other animals on the farm.

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Without knowing about the Russian Revolution, readers would not fully understand what is happening in the book. The author uses real events of the Russian Revolution and from Stalin’s reign. The characters in the book represent real people for example; Vladimir Lenin (First leader of USSR) is represented by Old Major, and Vyacheslav Molotov, (Stalin’s Protégés and head of communist propaganda) is represented by Squealer.One of the message of Animal Farm is that power can often lead to corruption and oppression. This is represented by Napoleon. As the story progresses he becomes more and more powerful, after he banishes Snowball, Napoleon uses the dogs to frighten the animals into doing whatever he commands.

To conclude, Animal Farm is an allegory written by George Orwell that reflects closely to the events of the Russian Revolution and the Stalinist era.


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