Gather followed by a dry dressing. Secure

Gather followed by a dry dressing. Secure

Gather materials needed to perform wet to dry dressing change.

The nurse will need paper tape, sterile gloves, saline, and 4-by-4 gauze. Perform hand hygiene and donn clean gloves. Expalin the procedure to the patient.

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Remove old dressing. Thoroughly clean the wound using saline and 4-by-4 gauze. Use the least amount of pressure to the wound to make sure the new skin is not disturbed while cleaning the area.With the 4-by-4 gauze, lightly pat the wound until dry.

Inspect the old dressing, documenting the odor, color, and consistency. Before applying the new dressing, assess the patient’s wound and note any signs of infections. Place the moist 4-by-4 gauze on the patient’s wound followed by a dry dressing. Secure the dressing with paper tape. Make sure the procedure is documented and how the patient tolerated.


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