G00SEBUMPS all his goose bumps book, but this

G00SEBUMPS all his goose bumps book, but this

G00SEBUMPS – THE HAUNTED SCHOOLA book review of goosebumps -the haunted school by R.L stine.

The author R.L stine is famous for writing “goosebumps”, born in 1943. In 1986,stine published Blind date, his first horror novel for young adults. R.

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L stine is the most popular author in America. He is the creator of the goosebumps, Give your self goosebumps, Fear street, and Ghosts of fear street series, among other popular books. He has written more than 100 scary novels for kids.MY VIEW ABOUT THIS BOOK:This is a fantastic scary book. Usually R.L stine is one of my favorite author and I love all his goose bumps book, but this one was the book that stood out number one for me. The way R.

L stine created a horror imagery was awesome. He starts with a strange and then he ends the book with all questions answered in a way which you could have never imagined when the book was at the climax situation.A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE BOOK: Tommy’s father just got second married. Tommy got a new mother and went to a new school- Bell valley high school. Everything was new to him. It was hard to make friends and school. Things went normal for some days, but after some time he started to notice that some weirdness.

Noises came from classroom and other weirdness. But he did not care until he and his friends were getting in banners from school for a dance party. For getting all Equipment, tommy and his friends went to find them. But they figure out something mysterious and totally unexpected. Tommy gets lost in a maze of empty classrooms.

And that is when he hears the voices. Kids voices crying for help. Voices coming from behind the classroom walls.

He found the class of 1947. Tommy and ben are stuck in grey world where there is no color, not even in their dreams. They start turning grey too. There is no way back to the normal world. Elevator is busted and the classroom door is bolted shut. They call for help which explains the cried tommy hears. They form a circle around the two.

Ben try to figure out how to escape, Seth informs that only one girl has ever escaped, and no one knows how. Tommy thinks that it must have been Greta, the girl with the gray eyes he saw at school. Thalia explained to her friends how she opened her tube of lipstick one day and got excited after discovering that it still had color. Using her lipstick, she opens a doorway for tommy and ben to escape. They finally head back to the dance, and run into the principal.

This is the well written story with good characters and great creepy atmosphere with some depressing moments.


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