For built up through team building days/exercises.

For built up through team building days/exercises.

For a team to be effective the individuals need to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and be confident in their work practice. They need to be focused and work well together and have mutual respect for each other and to be able to trust each other; this can be built up through team building days/exercises. This allows managers to review the team’s strengths and weaknesses and to suggest ways they could improve on their weaknesses. The team will work more effectively if they have confidence and respect for their manager that they will deal with situations when they arise and provide guidance and support. There needs to be good communication between all individuals and they need to be able to support and offer guidance to one another and be willing to share their skills, expertise and knowledge.

Pearson and Spencer (1997) believe that individuals who work together can achieve more than individuals who work on their own.

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