For However reality shows a different story. Discrimination

For However reality shows a different story. Discrimination

For a long period of time women were not always entitled to the same rights and privileges as men. Women were not allowed to vote nor have legal claim to any money they might earn. Women were viewed as inferior and many believed a woman’s place was at home raising children. As times have progressed, societies assume that the balant days of discrimination are over. However reality shows a different story.

Discrimination can stem from a variety of reasons and typically has detrimental consequences to a targeted group of individuals. What exactly is discrimination? Discrimination is the set of actions that deny equal rights and opportunities to a category of individuals due to preexisting prejudice (Schaefer, 2015). Since early decades, gender discrimination has played a huge role in today’s society, the developed research is intended to find out if discrimination persists within modern day America. Research Question Are women discriminated in modern day America? Proposed Research The researcher will conduct this study with a basic research approach and observe the way society treats women. The research is intended to find out if discrimination remains affecting women in modern day America. The population will be women participants in America. The sample will be chosen using purposive sampling.

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Purposive sampling is the most effective sampling procedure for this study because the sample will be hand selected based on characteristics of the population. Purposive sampling is also known as selective and convenient sampling for a highly targeted, clear defined population (Neumann, 2009). This sampling procedure will allow the researcher to have a very specific purpose in mind and use judgement to select cases of discrimination. The following research assignment will be basic research.

It will be basic because the researcher only intends to provide the audience with knowledge. It will not be applied research because the researcher does not seek to solve a problem nor answer an answer to a question. This type of research is practical and important because it plays an essential role in informing the reader.

that often have an impact on life. The researcher will conduct a survey using the Likert-type scale (rating scale) and the gathered information will be used to make a statistical data sheet. This will be done by analyzing all existing content and comparing all the aspects that will go into researching. The research setting for this study will take place in Arizona Western College (AWC) in Yuma Az, Fall 2018 semester. The researcher will be conducting a survey at two different locations.

History of discrimination survey will be held at (Arizona Western College), second location will be (Bath and Body Works) in Yuma Az. The reason why the researcher choose these two locations to conduct the survey is because they both offer a diverse community that will make the study possible. Moreover, the research will be quantitative and not qualitative because the researcher will mostly study the problem and generate numerical data.

The researcher will be doing this by gathering all surveys information and interpreting them into graphs. The sample will be filtered by the purposive sampling technique and women who meet the characteristics of lower education status and different racial backgrounds will become the final sample. The researcher intends to gather all participants data and compare them to study the problem. Altogether, the study will be descriptive because the the researcher plans to describe characteristics of the population and fully categorize them in a numerical format.

Conclusion All things considered, women discrimination has played a huge role since the early years of this country. The intended research is to find out if discrimination persist within modern day America. The purpose of this research is to uncover misconceptions and take a look at reality using statistics that prove a certain conclusion on women. This research will allow the reader to fully understand modern day America discrimination in women.

This research aims to make the audience aware of the unfair treatment women recieve. In the final analysis, the researcher will conduct a study showing a timelapse of women discrimination (highlights) history to women discrimination in modern day America. All together the statistical data sheet and timelapse should answer if discrimination in women persist in modern day America.


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