Flat voltage can be generated when 70kg of

Flat voltage can be generated when 70kg of

Flat plate typeThe piezoelectric foil which can be shaped into an elongated hexagon type to conform to the bending distribution of a standard sole of shoe, as depicted by Paradiso and Shenck Frontoni(2013) developed a new device which can be built in a shoe, and the device was assembled ceramic piezo materials and polymer accomplished by injecting molding to implement both outdoor GPS tracker and indoor radio frequency identi?cation (RFID) (E. Frontoni, 2013) .Gatto(2014) presented four different solutions of smart shoes based on PVDF sheet to supply a GPS device .Hwang (2015) designed a piezoelectric floor tile based on PZT piezo material , which are indirect energy transmission using and a tip mass and springs, 55 mW electricity power can be generated through comparison of impedance (S.

J. Hwang, and H. ParkH. J. Jung, J.

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H. Kim, J. H. Ahn, D.

Song, T. H. Sung, Y. Song, H. L. Lee, S. P.

Moon , 2015). The sole was divided into 8 elements that were connected in parallel, and each element can provide a 2 V open-circuit voltage can be generated when 70kg of weight human wear a shoe ( T. S. Gross and R.

P. Bunch, 1988)Almusallam made a screen printed piezoelectric shoe including energy generator using an ?exible PZT-polymer material (A. Almusallam, R. N. Torah, D. Zhu, M. J.

Tudor and S. P. Beeby, 2013) Ref 13. Razian(2003) created tri-hub transducer with 10 * 10 *2.7 mm made of PZT to estimation in-shoe force (M. A.

Razian and M. G. Pepper, 2003).Moreover Geng (2010) built up a more smaller than normal tri-pivotal piezoelectric transducer made of PZT, which was just 10*10*1 mm (Zh. G. Geng, M.

G. Pepper and Y. Yan, n.d.) .Nevill likewise built up a piezoelectric transducer made of copolymer (PVDF-TrFE) to quantify in-shoe press and accomplished an objective of 10% vulnerability ( A.

J. Nevill, M. G.

Pepper and M. Whiting, 1995).Arch type Since this type piezoelectric transducer can create bigger strain than ?at plate compose, it can enhance the ef?ciency of piezoelectric power generation ( H. S. Kim, J.

H. Kim and J. Kim, 2011) .

MIT Lab in California teammates investigated an unpretentious 31 mode piezoelectric vitality scavenging based on PZT I sheets in shoes, which is known as a “dimorph”, comprising of two consecutive, single-sided unimorph.. The gadget is to tackle foot strike energy by ?attening bended. Hu propose a ridged PVDF bimorph control collector (H. P. Hu, Ch. Zhao, Sh.

Y. Feng, Y. T. Hu, and Ch. Y.

Chen, 2008). Also, they demonstrated that the versatility of a gatherer can


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