Film and conventions of films by enjoying what

Film and conventions of films by enjoying what

Film is an artistic language which is expressed by mean of images in motion, with or without sound. Films gave a historically determined form and structure that create meaning and they have a complex set of convention to communicate meaning and make it accessible. We as viewers have helped create the structure and conventions of films by enjoying what we see on screen wanting to see more of the same. Like all aspects of popular culture, films develop out of a curious kind of negotiation process, in which filmmakers attempt to understand what we want to see, and we let them know, if they are right by buying tickets and renting videos.There are many things in our lives that we don’t want to take seriously.

Movies are one of them. We go to the movies to be entertained, scared, grossed out, to make out, spend time, have something to discuss afterward. But we don’t often want to think about movies as a serious part of our emotional or intellectual lives, or even treat them with the same intensity, we use when we discuss sports or politics. Outside of a film study course we rarely hear other people engaged in a discussion of films that goes much deeper than plot or charactersFilm is not only entertainment but is part of industrial and political culture. All nations, our own included, understand the power of film and television to influence their people to propagandize values and ideologies. The unstable nature of the country is reflected in the film industry. The prospects of good films in the Philippines, according to Red, is very bleak.

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But he stresses, that there are encouraging signs. Whenever foreign film festivals come around, the low budged films of alternative Filipino movie makers are invariably invited. That fact is a clear sign, say Red, That good Filmmaking has managed to


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