FILIPINO core values to be learned. Film

FILIPINO core values to be learned. Film

FILIPINO INDEPENDENT FILM: THE EFFECTS AND CONTRIBUTIONTO YOUTH IN SHAPING THEIR VALUESKen Cristopher ArcalasMark Julius R. AriolaJohn Kevin Y. BartolataAira DecastroHazelle Ann M. GomezEugenio Lopez Jr.

Center for Media Arts Senior High SchoolCHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONBackground of the StudyThroughout the years, film has been part of the life of every Filipino, it has been a great platform for entertainment and a foundation in forming a good core values to be learned. Film is considered as one of the youngest art form here in the Philippines. It can also claim to be the most popular of them all. From its introduction in 1897, films in the Philippines have evolved. From silent to talkies, from black and white to colored. Films reflect the values and beliefs of the people and sometimes helps shape their consciousness.

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Due to film evolution they varied into two major classifications, the mainstream and the independent. One of the film’s major classification is the Independent or indie films; or may also be referred to as “alternative cinema.” It includes short films, documentaries, experimental films, and animations which are made without the capitalization usually found in commercial films. They are low-budget films produced by smaller production houses, and are not funded by the companies.

Aside from being the source of entertainment, films can be used as powerful tool in education in teaching different values. Films are like blank canvasses where one’s ideology may be imparted to the viewers. This study wants to show the possible contribution of Filipino independent film to the youth and its way of teaching values to them. The reason why we seek for this study is that we saw certain problems regarding Independent films that we want to resolve such as why they are not commercialize and shown in a wider audience. Nowadays cinemas released more fictional film that make us fantasize more than make us realize the harsh reality of life, and how to deal with them in a realistic way, most of the Filipino youths is supporting the film which is in the mainstream and show lack of support to the indie films that can help in our daily lives in facing every trials. And the talents of our Filipino Independent filmmakers is being ignored by most of the youths in our country. We as a film viewer and researcher we found out that Independent films can be an instrument in shaping our youth and through this study it will benefit the readers who are interested or taking up media related courses to be able to make contributions for the development of the Filipino independent films.

The researchers believe that independent films are needed when it comes to education, especially for the youth. From our observations, we’ve noticed that independent films capture a more realistic view on life. Independent film mostly focuses on how the environment works. It is commonly based on the true to life story. So, by the help of this kind of film.

It can gives motivation and inspiration to each and every one of us especially to the youth. It can awakens our knowledge and mind on how reality hit us. We can adopt the values and good characteristics from those independent films, and apply it in a good manner. This study aims to define the possible variables (understanding, sensibility and theme) which can affect and contribute knowledge to youth in shaping their values that can be applied in their everyday life. Also, the purpose of this study is to uplift the importance of Filipino Independent films. Thus, the result of this study will be a way for the Filipino Indie Film maker to make a great impactful films.Statement of the Problem This research aims to determine and fulfill how Filipino Independent Films can affect and contribute knowledge to youth in shaping their values that can be applied in their everyday life.

More specifically, it seeks to find the answers to the following questions:How many youths are able to watch indie filmHow can Filipino Independent film affects the youth in terms of:Understanding SensibilityThemeAssumptionBased on the researchers’ observations and experiences as a youth and movie watchersHow many youths are able to watch indie film?Four out of ten youths are watching Filipino Independent Film. Some of them preferred to watch mainstream film.How Filipino Independent Film can affects the youth?Understanding Filipino Independent films portrayed a great role to the youth this can help them to have a deeper understanding about the harsh reality of life, also its widen their knowledge.SensibilityIt affects the personal and emotional response of the youth after watching the Filipino Independent Films.ThemeFilipino Independent film helps them to realize how reality of life works.Through Filipino Independent film, it can affects the youth to motivate and inspire to enjoy and treasure every moments of their life.

Because most of the theme of the Filipino Independent film features the true meaning and happenings in life.Significance of the studyThe result of this study will help the Filipino Independent filmmakers to have a basis in developing a good film that catches a more realistic view in life and a film that present the current situation of the world. The proposed study serves as reference or guide in how the filmmakers attack their plots in making a film that can help to build up the consciousness of the viewer’s specifically the youth. These study includes some strategies and technique that can apply on the development of the Filipino Independent film. This study will contribute to the youth because they will have a deeper understanding about the concept of an independent film, they will have a new perspective in choosing the genres of film that they will watch to become more aware about the harsh reality of life.

This study will help to shape their proper values and to widen their learnings about the Filipino Independent films.This study can help also to the future researchers to have a basis about the Filipino Independent Effects and Contribution to the youth this can help as a resource to their studyDefinition of TermsSensibility- The ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences.Theme- The subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person’s thoughts, or an exhibitionMainstream- A prevailing current or direction of activity or influence.

Independent- Is standing alone without any control by others in matters of opinion.Scope and limitation This study aims to investigate on the Effects and Contribution of Filipino Independent Films to the youth in shaping proper values, but not concerned to any films. This study is exclusively function only in the Media Industry which focused on making Filipino Independent Films. The possible weakness of this study is the number of the respondents who are really into watching Filipino Independent films and have a background about it.Scope and DelimitationThe study is primarily focused on the Effects and Contribution of Filipino Independent Films.

The subject of this study is intended only to the senior high school students in Quezon City Senior High School and in Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School who are knowledgeable about Filipino Independent Films. The observation and data gathering will only focus on independent variables understanding, sensibility, and theme its effect and contribution in shaping values of the youth.

The review of related literature will indicate to have additional data to have a better conclusions.Conceptual Framework3381375627332DEPENDENT VARIABLE00DEPENDENT VARIABLE3182620626853 Effects and Contribution to the Youth00 Effects and Contribution to the Youth190500638655INDEPENDENT VARIABLE00INDEPENDENT VARIABLE5979643770UnderstandingSensibilityTheme00UnderstandingSensibilityThemeWe, the researchers had constructed a detailed presentation of the variables to represent the relationship observed in the current study.272538735273823011325596001476436203997FILIPINO INDIE FILM: SHAPING THEIR VALUES00FILIPINO INDIE FILM: SHAPING THEIR VALUESIn the illustration, the independent variables are 1) Understanding, 2) Sensibility, and 3) Theme. While the dependent variable is the effects and contribution to the youth.

The paradigm illustrates how Filipino independent film can affect and contribute knowledge to youth in shaping their values.


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