Even war (WW2) which was fought from

Even war (WW2) which was fought from

Even though there have been uncountable wars, skirmishes and battles taking place between various countries and different civilizations ever since time ancestral, the first world war (WW1) which was fought from the 28th July 1914 to 11 November 1918 and the second world war (WW2) which was fought from 1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945 had left the largest military impact and conflicts in human history that involved many major countries. The beginning to these wars were because of the imbalance of power which led to conflicts between entire nations and people. Both wars started with a general war in Europe which escalated to a worldwide situations, which led to the change of Eastern Europe.

Also, destroyed the major domains like Russian Empires, Ottoman and lastly the Hungarian whereas the second world war ended the British,French and Dutch Empires. These collapse of territories caused similar results on the aftermaths and started to cause dispute among ethnic individuals with different religions.Nationalism (being a strong supporter of the right’s of one country) took place in the early 1900’s which were the causes of World war 1 as the Germans think that Britain was restricting their power and Britain’s wanted to prevent Germany from gaining colonies abroad as they can supply German’s with resources to help maintain their army, at the same time can help with increasing their power through being alliances. This was very important as some of the countries had no choice to fight if one of their allies declared war. The murder of the Austrian archduke,Franz Ferdinand directly triggered the whole of Germany and directly declared to start war although there are many small components such as militarism, imperialism and alliances that played a huge role to start the war.

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