Evaluating promise when the Green Knight challenges

Evaluating promise when the Green Knight challenges

Evaluating on Chivalric Romance and BraveryChivalric Romance is a genre of literature that usually takes place in prose or verse form, the main character is almost always a knight in the romance. There are also some mystical and supernatural topics and characters in Chivalric Romance. It usually idealizes chivalry and includes a conquest for the knight’s liege lord, or the rescue of a captive lady or any combination of the three.

In chivalric romance the knight should be keep faith. Chivalric romance knight’s principle consists of bravery, courage, and, Christian ethics and always chases an adventure, glory.Such as in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The chivalry makes Sir Gawain to keep his chivalric promise when the Green Knight challenges at Arthur’s court to knights and Sir Gawain is the one who wants to fight with him because it’s a way of show his courage. As an example of the supernatural topics and characters, when Sir Gawain cuts off head of the Green Knight he just takes his head and left there, also Sir Gawain fights with some creatures like trolls, dragons. So, last part of the story shows the real chivalry because Sir Gawain goes after the Green Knight in order to finish the challenge without any fear. There is also a motif, Sir Gawain’s shield, it symbolizes the special qualities to which Sir Gawain seeks: to be perfect in his five senses, his five fingers, to be devoted to the five wounds of Christ, the five joys of Mary, the features needed to be virtues knight.Bravery in Medieval Ages meant that the hero should fight for his honor and for glory.

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Bravery in Medieval Age is required to protect people especially weak people. Bravery heroes do not interested in gold or any other properties. For example in Beowulf, Beowulf is the one who always stands out against creatures and beasts. Beowulf shows bravery which refers to chivalry by helping Hrothgar and accepts to fight with Grendel.

Beowulf accepts to fight with Grendel without any wishes for example in return of gold except that Beowulf fights for glory and fame. Beowulf kills Grendel with his hands then he slays Grendel’s mother and finally he kills the dragon and these are the best examples of bravery because when Beowulf fought these creatures he didn’t expect any reward he just wanted to glory and earned it with his brave.King Arthur, he is a compassionate man, who will go to extreme lengths to protect the people of his Kingdom.

In King Arthur there are supernatural scenes. His sword symbolizes the great power, authority and bravery. Arthur’s the Round Table is a motif of Christianity. Also in Nibelungen there are chivalric features. For example it includes supernatural things for example dreams, dragon’s blood.

As a hero Siegfried has all the properties for the bravery, he has extraordinary valiantness and power. There is also a motif in Nibelungen, Siegfried’s sword. It is the symbol of strength and the burning force of life.


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