ESSAY I would primarily focus on how macro-economic

ESSAY I would primarily focus on how macro-economic

ESSAY PROPOSAL Date: 07/22/2018To: Gary SzczerbaniwiczFrom: Sourabh Setia ([email protected] of my paper: Importance of Macro-Economics forces in business decision making.Why writing about this topic will be beneficial to me: All businesses, whether domestic or international, are affected by the dynamic macro-economic forces. They have a great influence an organization’s decision making and affect its performance and strategies.

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Therefore, I believe it is crucial for me as a Global business manager to understand the importance of identifying those forces that directly affect the businesses, since business decisions cannot be taken without consideration of trends in the economy.My Essay Thesis Statement: Macroeconomic policies formulated by the government to control and regulate the economic activities also affect the decision making of the private business firms.Approach to the subject of my paper: Through this essay paper, I would primarily focus on how macro-economic factors affects Global businesses today and their implications in long run. To make it more precise, the research part would be based on how different economic factors affects business decision making and their strategy formation to sustain.

I would clarify it more by considering a real-life case study which will show how a big business firm managed the various economic situations they faced. It could be either PepsiCo or FirstGroup PLC. Followed by detailed explanation on each of the macro factors and how some popular businesses strategically dealt with them globally.

Documentation style: I will use APA style for this paper.Graphs or charts: Not yet decided but could be graphs/ figures to demonstrate the facts and diagrams to explain more graphically.Kinds of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper: I managed to gather some excellent online resources that will address the thesis subject directly and based on some logical rationale. Along with that, I would consider to use an eTextbook and the arguments would be put forward through real life case studies. I believe these sources would offer a clear, specific point of view and evidence to support my opinion.Tentative List of References:1. The Major Economic Factors Affecting Business Drastically.

(2018, March 26). Retrieved July 22, 2018, from 2.

External Factors Affecting Business Environment. (2016, December 16). Retrieved July 13, 2018, from

html3. LLP, B. C. (n.d.). Managing external influencesA First Group case study.

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