English Asian shows have the same mainstream stories

English Asian shows have the same mainstream stories

English TV Series are Better Than Asian TV SeriesTelevision shows are one of the major elements of recreation. Nowadays people of every age do watch these shows and get entertained. In our country, Bengali, Hindi and English shows have taken the most attraction of audiences.

Television shows are different based on cinematography, story and popularity.Basically, most of the South Asian TV shows are made based on their culture, viewer’s acceptances, business probability. Producers make shows to run their business and fulfil their daily channel demands. On the contrary English shows are broadcasted on various types of TV channels, websites and servers so they don’t focus on the quantity of the episodes, rather they focus on the quality of the shows.

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The stories create more dissimilarities between English and Asian TV shows. Asian shows have the same mainstream stories of love, breakup, family conspiracies. They always pull out their stories to enlarge the length and always put something twist at the end which creates attention among the viewers. On the other hand English TV shows keep their story straight and the main idea of the script never changes. They make clear of what they actually want to show the audience.

The stories are different from one to another. TV shows are also different from one to another country based on to the culture and people. In Asia, according to the culture of this region, the story writers directors and producers always keep in mind that they should not bring up any vulgar content or wrong message which does not exhibit social values. Meanwhile English shows do not care about such things. They always focus on bringing up new stories and show the audiences something extraordinary which people haven’t seen before. These shows do not follow any certain culture, region or race. We engage with many stories through these shows.

There are both good and bad contents. We have to collect the good things and neglect the bad sides from every TV shows we see. Though Asian shows go with the same stories, in our country these stories are more accepted in societies and families.

Every show’s main focus is to seek the attention of the audiences. Some do it technically and some do it with their efforts, unique stories and the entire show making process.


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