EnglishThe subject related in an elevated style,

EnglishThe subject related in an elevated style,

EnglishThe UK’s full name is the United Kigdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.ANGLO-SAXON PERIODInvadersIberiansBrytonsGoidels/GalesRomansHeptarchy- Seven KingdomsKent-(Jutes)Essex-(Saxons:East)Wessex-(Saxons:West)Sussex-(Saxons:South)East Anglia-(Angles)Northumbria-(Angles)Mercia-(Angles)Germanic Tribesfrom Southern Sweden and GermanyAngles, Saxons, and Juteswere not afraid of anythingadmired enduranceWyrd- goddessMonksinvaded England peacefullySt. Patrickcaptured by the raiding cells and was brought to Ireland.

He converted the Irish captors to Christianity.St. Columbacarried Christianity to IonaIrish Monksspread eastward to establish famous monastariesSt. Gregory the Greatsent St. Augustine from Rome w/ 40 monks to convert Angles into Angles.

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St. Augustineconverted King Ethelbert of KentArchbishopWRITERSAlfred the GreatKing of WessexEngland’s DarlingFather of English ProseVenerable BedeMost important writer in Englandtells the Story of CaedmonCyewulfChristThe Dream of the RoadEleneAabot Aelfrichomilies and sermons, lives of the saints’Colloqy on the Occupations’WORKSBeowulfoldest epicgives a splendid picture of Anglo-SaxonEPICa long narrative poem on a great and serious subject related in an elevated style, and centered on a heroic or quasi-divine figure on whose actions depends the fate of a tribe, a nations, or the human race.Characteristics:He is greater in all ways.

The setting is vast in scope.The actions consists of deeds of valor or superhuman courage.Supernatural forces interest themselves in the action and intervene at times. The intervention of the gods is called “machinery”.Geats- DenmarkSpear Danes- SwedenHeorotit is in Swedenmeans “deer” in Anglo-Saxonit is a place of peace and community but between the sea shore and the forestHruntingsword used by Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother.The Story of Beowulf CharactersBeowulfHrothgarScyledGrendelGrendel’s Mother and DragonMEDIEVAL ENGLISHit all started with the Norman invasion 1066 by William the Conqueror.The Dark AgeMedieval LifeKingsLordsKnightsPeasantsHenry Iintroduced the notions of Chivalry and Knighthoodestablished Oxford and Cambridge – help to increase learning.Henry II / Henry Plantagenet”planta genesta”- broom flowerGOOD THINGSCrusadesholy war or great military expedition.Chivalryallegiance to the kingreverence to womenfaith in GodUnity of Saxons and NormansReligion: common denominator that made an ultimate fusion of the two cultures possibleMagna Charta (great charter) from King John in 1215.Merrie Englandthey realized that they were children of God.Heaven is their ultimate home.exhilaration was in the air.Growth of Town LifeLondon: originally built by Romans and England’s largest trading center.A Time of UpheavalHundred Years of War (1337-1437)Black DeathReligion ; Culture sufferedWar of the RosesWhite Rose emblem of the House of YorkRed Rose emblem of the House of LancasterKing Arthurthe name comes from artos viros (bear man)He married Guinevere.Knightsaristocrats of the battlefieldeach knight had is own Insignia (Coal of Arms)Code of Honorvow to love Godvow to respect womenvow to right all wrongsSymbolsCrossKnight’s pure and stainless lifeRed Dragonallegiance to the KingRound TableEternity of GodKnights of ArthurSir Galahadperfect knightSir Lancelotfell in love with GuinevereFirst KnightSir Lucanmost loyal and trusted knightSir Gawainebecame Lancelot’s bitter enemySir Geraintwho always looked for adventure and actionSir Garethdevoted to LancelotSir Gaherisacted as Gawaine’s conscienceSir Bors de Ganisonly knight who survived the Quest for the Holy GrailSir Kayhas mystical powersSir Percivalegrail knightSir Lamoraklover of MorgueseSir Ectorfather of Sir Kayfoster father of ArthurSir Tristanclose friend to ArthurMerlinArthur’s advisermagician and prophetThe Lady of the Lakealso known as Viviengave Arthur the ExcaliburMorgan Le Fayhalf sister of Arthurused black magicExcaliburextremely powerfulCamelotland of ArthurTHE DEATH OF ARTHURKing Arthur-swoonSir Lucan ; Sir Bedivere lifted him upwent to a little chapelheard the people cry, sent Sir Lucan to the Fieldsaw thieves and robbers stealing brooches, beads, jewels, and armorstold King Arthur what he sawadvised King Arthur to go to some townhe can’t stand because his head is achingLucan and Bedivere took the king’s side and lifted him upwhen Lucan lifted Arthur, he fell in a swoon which caused his heart to burst and dietold Bedivere to take his Excalibur and go to the waterside and throw the sword into the water and come back and tell Arthur what he sawBedivere thought to himself that if he shall throw the sword into the water nothing will come but harm and lossHe hid the sword under a treesaid that he saw nothing but waves and windsArthur knew that he was lying and he said “traitor untrue” noble knight would betray Arthur for the richness of the swordhe followed Arthur’s willBedivere threw the sword unto the water and he saw somethinga hand caught the sword of Arthur and shook it thrice and vanishedhe told Arthur what he saw and suddenly a barge came and there are queens on it wearing black hoodArthur joined the 3 queens and they will go into the vale of Avilion where his wounds will be healed(ang Canterbury tales ay nadun sa binigay ni maam kaya hindi kona canopy hehe tsaka kayo na magbasa nung pardoners tale at 3 ballads hehe)PUNCTUATION MARKSEnd Marksperiodquestion markexclamation markused at the end of the sentencePeriod / full stopDeclarativeI can’t find my keys.ImperativePlease be on time.Latin Abbreviationsam- ante meridiem / before middaypm- post meridiem / after middaye.g.- exempli gratia / for exampleetc.- et cetera / and the resti.e.- id est/ in other wordsQuestion Markuse a it only after an interrogative questionWill you go with me?when a sentence is a half statementYou do care, don’t you?Exclamation Markto show emotions, emphasis, and surpriseOuch!CommaCommas with compound sentencesWe saw many beautiful sights on our vacation, but we spent far too many hours on the road .Commas between items in a seriesSeries of WordsWe packed a tent, a stove, several sleeping bags, and plenty of food.Series of PhrasesHe wanted to walk Boston’s Freedom Trail, to see Walden’s Pond, and to sit on Bunker Hill.Series of ClausesCommas with Parenthetical ExpressionsNames of people being addressedI’ll start dinner, Dad, in a while.Conductive AdverbWe left, therefore, an hour late.Commas with places, date, and titlesWe visited Calamba, Laguna last July 29Wednesday, October 25, is my birthdaySalutationsDear Lia,ClosingSincerely,Numbers1,825,020,117CREDITS KAY MATT SAWALI


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