Elegy for my father’s fatherBy James K

Elegy for my father’s fatherBy James K

Elegy for my father’s fatherBy James K Baxter – NZ poetWhat is the poem about?• It is about family, or the lack of it• It is about a one stanza poem about sorrow and sadness• It’s written by a man who hardly knew his bitter grandfatherHow is there a lack of family?• It starts off by telling us that the grandfather died emotionally detached from everyone around him• “O for all the tall tower broken memorial denied” shows they had little to remember him by• “And the unchanging cairn that pipes could set ablaze an aaronsrod and blossom” shows that the family had little respect as he didn’t have a tombstone but rather only a couple of rocks on top of his grave.• The disrespect and lack of family is exemplified by nature, and the flowers won’t even grow by his grave.• “A chain of sods in a day he could slice and build high as the head of a man” shows that the grandfather was a workaholic, detached from his family and always at “work”.

The speaker hardly knew him because he was never around.How is there sorrow and sadness?•

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