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During the Roman era, Christians believed the Bible was the spoken word of God and refused to be caught up in the idolatry of the day (Schaeffer, 1976). At that time, the Roman people were allowed to worship many gods as long as it was not a threat to the worship of Caesar.

Secondly, Christians were not only in conflict with the values of the culture, but the foundation by which they were built upon (Schaeffer, 1976). Christians believed in a universal standard by which to judge not only their personal lives, but the right and wrong of their government. Therefore, they were labelled as enemies of totalitarianism Rome.

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Lastly, as Schaeffer stated, “no totalitarians government will tolerate those who has an absolute values system by which to judge that government, and their actions.” So, many Christians were persecuted and died as martyrs for their unwavering faith in the one true and living God. Reference:Schaeffer, A., Francis, 1976. How Then Shall We Live.

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