Creation short story. To begin with, the good

Creation short story. To begin with, the good

Creation stories usually begin with the birth of someone or something. In the Iroquois Creation story, a woman gives birth to twin sons, Enigorio, the good mind, and Engion, the bad mind. The twins had different ideas of how the world should be created and they wanted to be the ruler of their creations and of the universe. The good mind established the upper world, while the bad mind created the lower world. Both worlds are greatly contrasted throughout the short story.

To begin with, the good mind created the upper world because he wanted to escape the darkness. The upper world was full of light, unlike the lower world. The good mind took his mother’s head to create the sun and the rest of her body to create a moon and stars.

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Also, he created humans that resemble his image from dust. The good mind had a optimistic spirit and was persistent with creating the upper world, so things went well for him. However, the bad mind was completely different from the good mind. The bad mind had a pessimistic spirit and he wanted to remain in the darkness. His desire for darkness is the main reason for his creation of the lower world. The lower world was very dark and gloomy. The bad mind attempted to create humans, but he failed.

Instead of creating humans like the good mind, he created apes and other scary things such as snakes, lizards, and primates. He was jealous of his brother, so his goal was to defeat him and become ruler of the universe.


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