Common the knowledge generated is fragmented, localized and

Common the knowledge generated is fragmented, localized and

Common sense is a judgment that is subjective, meaning it is personal and it is gained from experience. It is based upon observation, casual knowledge and the knowledge generated is fragmented, localized and particular. It is based upon tradition thus it is resistant to change.

(anon 2018). For example, some families believe it is common sense for the mother to stay at home to cook and clean whilst the father supports the family. Others would disagree and be opened to roles reversing because the father may enjoy staying at home whereas the mother goes out to work. This is due to different social upbringing which differs the meaning of common sense.

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Whereas sociological thinking is a way of understanding an individual from an objective view. It is scientific and has a cause and reason to it. It invigorates society to develop ideas that are not solely based on personal experience. For example, patriarchy society believes that the father should be the one who financially stabilizes the family. Sociological thinking would not agree and would base it around that everyone has personal problems and shouldn’t play in society norms.

Sociology is a method of inquiry that requires the systematic testing of beliefs against evidence. Sociologists, therefore, make determining whether specific ideas are fact or fiction their job. (Anon,2018).Common sense is biased and is based on limited experience which leads to assumptions whereas sociological thinking is scientific research that has evidence.

In a basic explanation, their difference is only accuracy because sociology is a science, but common sense is only what people have in mind which comes from common thought. (isinylmz, 2018).2ASociology and economics are linked together by social influences. Without the social background the study of Economics is quite impossible. Sociologists have contributed to the study of different aspects of economic organisation.

Property system, division of labour, occupations etc. are provided by a sociologist to an economist (Bhatt, 2018).Sociologist look at how the family spends money as a whole. An example, three areas of spending are examined: food and daily living expenses, leisure expenditure, and domestic rates or poll tax. The results suggest that though in absolute terms men contribute more to the domestic economy than do women, in relative terms women contribute a higher proportion of their income (Journals.sagepub.

com, 2018).Economics is the study of scarcity, the study of how people use resources and respond to incentives, or the study of decision-making (, 2018.) Like sociology economics also looks at how the family spends money. But economists also look at why they spend that money, what influences them to and how the family effects the economy.

An example would be Economists would be interested in why women are being paid less than men and why they work in places that pay lower wages.


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