Cognitive to engagement, instructors saw SRS as one

Cognitive to engagement, instructors saw SRS as one

Cognitive engagement. According to Lester (2013), cognitive engagement is divided into two components: psychological and cognitive. The psychological component includes motivational goals and self-regulated learning as it relates to willingness to put in the effort to understand complex ideas and develop difficult skills.

The psychological component emphasizes students’ investment in learning and motivation to learn. A developing factor in acquiring student engagement is by utilizing technology in the classroom instruction. It is because it has been a part of the daily lives of the 21st century learners. Absence of gadgets and modern tools would make learning process irrelevant. Technology is integrated in the classroom and supports teachers in their efforts to make learning process more engaging and collaborative.

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According to a study that investigated student response system to engagement, instructors saw SRS as one tool in supporting student learning in their classrooms. The improved participation, immediate feedback, impact on attendance, and relatively easy formative assessment that result from the use of clickers provided the instructors a method of engaging students (Gok, 2011). In other related study, it was also found out that clickers or SRS clickers can capture students’ attention through the simplicity, the novelty factor, and the fun element they bring to class; they improve participation in students through the anonymity they offer, especially important for students whose language of instruction is not their first language (Gachago, Morris, & Simon, 2011). This particular study is where the researcher anchored his inquiry which is the three levels of engagement model (attention, participation and peer learning). The research determined the perception of the students on the potential of Kahoot app on enhancing student engagement in respect with these three levels.


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