CHAPTER to be educational. Its goal is

CHAPTER to be educational. Its goal is

CHAPTER IIntroductionEdutainment is short for educational entertainment that can be in the form of games, films, or shows that is designed to be educational. Its goal is to educate and provide educational information to the players and viewers that has incidental entertainment.

Today, with the rapid development of technology, games are also rising up together with it. So, nowadays, with the technology we have, many games were developed for mobile devices most specifically for android. With the high technology equipped with these mobile devices, mobile games become robust and attract many people to buy or have this device for them to experience what’s inside it which makes it a trend for the new generation of mobile devices.Playing games is fun and exciting. People finds it as their stress reliever and unwinding from their stressful works. Many, spend their vacant or most of their time in playing and exploring new games.

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EverWing is a popular game on Facebook messenger with over millions of players worldwide. It is a scrolling-shooter-RPG type of game which set in a high-fantasy world at war. Everwing is addicting and fun game.

There is strangely an air of complexity inside its simple shell and enjoyment is what appeals people to Everwing.Project ContextDevata Warriors is an arcade shooter where you need to fight enemies. It is a never-ending wave of enemies until you claim the victory. Devata Warriors will help the players to learn educational information and to enhance their thinking skills.

The proponents came to this idea because of some problems that they saw. That problems are:First, as the time passes by and the technology advances, one of the traditional game of the Filipinos, which is “bugtong” faded. The younger ones didn’t have any idea what is that game is and didn’t know how to play it.Second, some Filipinos have a little knowledge about interesting facts and trivias about Cebu, Laguna and Pampanga even if they live in the Philippines.

Third, Lack of knowledge about creation stories, mythical creatures, and beliefs that Ancient Philippine mythology varies among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Purpose and Description of the ProjectThe proponents developed an educational game that will give knowledge about Bugtong and trivias about Cebu, Laguna, and Pampanga and learn through the process of playing. By playing this game, students may be able to understand a new concept or idea, take on a different perspective, or experiment with different options. That is why we will create an educational game that will provide educational information about the Philippines mythology and Filipino games.

Objectives of the ProjectThe main purpose of this project is to create a 3D mobile game called “Devata Warriors” to promote the traditional game of Filipinos which is “bugtong” because as the time passes by, it is slowly forgotten.The proponents also aims to give people trivias about Cebu, Laguna and Pampanga.The proponents also desire people to have educational background about the Philippine Mythology and Philippines games.Scope and Limitations of the ProjectGraphicsThe game will be 3 Dimensional, designed to make the graphics original and unique.ControlsSwipe your thumb (or any finger) to control your Diwata. They only move sideways, and you have to aim for the enemies.Mechanics and GameplayEach preceding level will be more difficult than the previous level.

The player needs to fight the enemies using a spew shots in order to win the battle.MechanicsThe player will take control of the Diwata’s which is the protagonist of the game.GameplayThere are 3 playable characters, referred to as Diwata’s, which can be unlocked by answering the questions  from playing the bugtong game.

FeaturesThe game feature has almanac that contains about the information of characters, places, and different urban legends.Target PlayersThe target players are children aged 8 and up because we discourage children aged below 7 to play a mobile game. And since this is an educational game, the proponents focus primary on a child-friendly theme.StorylineLong long ago, in a far away land, there were three famous places namely: Laguna, Cebu, and Pampanga.

Those three places became popular because all people and creatures who lived there were united. Each places has Goddesses namely: Maria Cacao, Maria Makiling, and Maria Sinukuan. They are destined to protect their lands together with the urban legends of each places. Many people from other regions idolized their kingdoms because aside from being rich in natural resources, they showed unity and peace in their territories.

But one day, the people who lived there started to abuse their land: they did illegal logging which resulted to flash floods, landslides, and mudslides. They also did illegal mining which resulted to scarcity of natural resources. Then, as protectors, urban legends became mad and killed all who betrayed which led to destruction of environment.

The three goddesses were enraged by the acts of greedy individuals and reckless urban legends, yet, proposed amicable resolution for peace to arise again. However, the urban legends weren’t satisfied and will only stop if the community truly changes and the guardians triumph against them, thereafter, the birth of eternal tranquility. So, in order to restore the peace and unity of their realms, the three goddesses took action and accepted the battle.


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