Chapter lawns because the plant has a

Chapter lawns because the plant has a

Chapter 6 CONCLUSIONDuring the present study, it was observed that the S. babylonica has a wide range of distribution present throughout the Kashmir valley. As far as the population density of the species is concerned, it was observed to be the highest in Srinagar population (2.83) and least in Anantnag population (1.30).

Salix babylonica is planted in Srinagar, whether it be in Botanical Gardens, parks or lawns because the plant has a great ornamental value. The phenological episodes showed a little variation between different populations and the maximum duration of different phenophases was observed in Baramulla population (132 days) and least in Srinagar (123 days). The morphological parameter showed a significant variation between different populations. The circumference of the species was recorded highest in Ganderbal and least in Shopian, Ganderbal is place having adequate amount of water as compared to Shopian. Since these plants are water loving, they grow in diameter more and less in Shopian. Another reason for this is that, Shopian is known for the best apples of the valley.

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In order to grow more and more and more apple orchards, willow plants are cut at a very fast rate. Whereas leaf area was highest in Shopian and least in Ganderbal. Since, leaf area is controlled by a phenological feature i.e., temperature and Shopian is a warmer place than other places, so, leaf grows well in this place.

Petiole length was found to be maximum at Shopian and the minimum was recorded at Ganderbal. Since, Shopian area possesses largest leaf area, so, petiole length is the highest while as leaf area is smallest in Ganderbal, so, petiole length is smallest too. Besides this, Shopian grows apple trees resulting in more shady area. Leaves growing in shade have an area more that the leaves of areas of direct sunlight.

Moreover, significant variation was also observed in fresh and dry weight of leaves between different altitudes. Highest fresh weight and dry weight of leaves was observed to be in Shopian whereas, lowest fresh and dry weights were found to be in Ganderbal area.


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