Brian such as trade policy aimed at broadening

Brian such as trade policy aimed at broadening

Brian Mulroney is Canada’s 18th president and also the greatest contributor to bringing Canada closer to the United States. In his years in office, apart from helping the country grow, he developed a close relationship with America’s President Ronald Regan; Both of them have special attention and shared a similar progressive conservative philosophy. As Prime Minister of Canada, Mulroney has always sought ways to link his country to the United States. During that time, the people of Canada saw a dramatic change in their own country’s economy and a step closer to the success of Canada. Brian Mulroney joins the United States on issues such as trade policy aimed at broadening the market for both countries by reducing and eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to the establishment of an free area trade zone. There is also Canada’s involvement in State Disability Insurance and the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Mulroney made Canada part of a free trade agreement with the United States to allow the two countries to expand their market access. However, not everything he does will satisfy his people. A number of decisions by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney have been somewhat controversial and have sparked a boom in people’s desire for Canada to depend on no one. Putting aside that, we can not deny that former Prime Minister Mulroney has brought Canada closer to the United States and helped him become Canada’s first prime minister, who did not see the United States as is a threat to the neighboring countries of Canada..

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