BOOK TO SUPER STUDENT ” was published by

BOOK TO SUPER STUDENT ” was published by


He is a well-known as an outstanding administrator and writer. He has earned a name for himself by identifying with social causes, and helping people solve their problems promptly and satisfactory. He is a popular writer, both in Tamil and English and his book published have been well received and appreciated. This book covers the prime of youth, from commencing studies in childhood to the advanced stages of appearing for examinations-general institutional and competitive. This book deals with children education -making it pleasant without causing unnecessary distaste or pain -the role of parents in educating children, the teacher’s involvement and dedication, planning studies at various stages in higher classes, methods of learning, memorizing and remembering and preparing for and facing the examinations and securing high marks and scoring ranks are all well expounded. He has made a number of suggestions in this regard and also recommended methods to advance the interest of students and choosing the subjects as well as getting involved.

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He has quoted from literatures of different countries, anecdotes, parables and stories in support of his suggestions and recommendations to make the discussion interesting and useful. This makes the book lively read. In short, this book is intended to help the students of all types -the average, the advanced and the ambitious to excel in their career.

I got the first rank in my 7th standard and they gave me this book as a prize. I didn’t read this book at that time as I was little busy in my studies. Later when I was doing my 11th grade I read few pages of this book and found it to be very useful for my public. Now I have completed reading this book since I got many free periods. My favourite line in this book is “EXAMINATIONS ARE NOT THE ULTIMATE THINGS IN LIFE. THEY ARE JUST BRIDGES TO BE CROSSED TO REACH THE DESTINATION.

” In this book it tells about how a student should prepare for his/her examinations whatever it may be. He starts with how a student should actively listen in class, take notes in form of diagrams, pictograms or in any easy memorable way. He clearly tells the meaning of education and over learning. He tells about the important steps for preparation.

Here and there he includes short meaningful stories in order to understand the passage more deeply. He also tells about effective time management which every individual should follow. He says that “REPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LEARNING ” which is an acceptable fact and a universal truth. He further tells about the five stages in studies that includes 1. Selection of subjects 2.

Collection of materials 3. Preparation of schedule 4. Preparation for examinations 5. Presentation in the exam. Then he tells about the seven steps in studying.

They are 1. Reading 2. Remembering 3. Recapitulating 4. Reproducing 5.

Referring 6. Rectifying 7. Revising. In the next few chapters he tells the reasons for forgetting what we have studied earlier. It can be enlisted as 1. Tension 2. Indifference 3.

Fear 4. Lack of practice 5. No revision 6.

Lack of understanding 7. verbatim memorizing 8. Lack of attention 9. Lack of awareness 10. Mechanical reading. There are 3 important ingredients to succeed in exam and they are proper planning, full involvement and confidence.

Then he explains about how a student should present in the exam to get the maximum marks. Hence this book is very useful for children of all ages. Not only for children but for every people who is preparing for their exams.

There are many points to be byhearted and applied in real. Starting from day one till the final day of the exam he clearly explains each and every step a student should follow in order to achieve their dreams.


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