Bismarck a member of the wealthy elite of

Bismarck a member of the wealthy elite of

Bismarck and the German Empire Outline Introduction to Otto Von Bismarck Was reckless but intelligent, and a master of politics. He was the first Chancellor of Germany. United Germany under Prussian rule in the 19th century. Personal Information of Bismarck Birth: Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815, in the small town of Schonhausen, Germany.

SchonHausen was destroyed by Swedish troops during the thirty years war in 1680. The town is situated along the Elbe river and is connected Berlin with a railroad. The town has only 2 castles both of which were owned by the Bismarck’s. Family Life: His father was Ferdinand von Bismark. Was Squire who came from a Swabian family from Prussia.

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Was Junker and a member of the wealthy elite of Prussia. His mother was Wilhelmine Mencken. She came from an educated, middle class family in West Prussia. She was married at age 16 to Otto’s father. He married his wife Johanna von Puttkamer in 1840. She was very religious and converted him to Christianity and helped him grow closer to God. They had a very close relationship and were very happy together.

Education: He was enrolled in Plamann academy in Berlin. The best and smartest went to this academy in Berlin. His mother moved to Berlin to be closer to him. Bismarck didn’t enjoy it at all and found it to be too much work and would have been rather been in the countryside.

He studied law at the University of Gottingen in Hanover. He didn’t study a lot and spent most of his time in college drinking. Occupations: Entered Prussian civil service where he got bored and left. He got bored with the civil service because of all the bureaucracy and got tired to listening to rules. Left the civil service after his mother’s death, to go back home and help his father run the estates. He enjoyed returning to the farm and loved the freedom it gave him.

In 1849 he was elected to the Prussian Chamber of Deputies. Because of his election he moved his entire family to Berlin. In 1859 Bismarck was sent to Russia as an ambassador but was shortly moved to Paris as an ambassador to Napoleon III. Bismarck became Prime Minister of Prussia in 1863. His appointment was a last-ditch attempt by the monarch to have some help against the liberal majority.

In 1872 Bismarck officially became chancellor of a Unified Germany. Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Died on July 30, 1898 in Friedrichsruh, Germany. Otto von Bismarck led an extraordinary life of adventure and politics. A year before he died, he said to the new King of Germany, “The crash will come 20 years after my departure if things go on like this”. He was talking about WW1, he was off my 4 months. Accomplishments of Otto von Bismarck.

Otto von Bismarck has accomplished a lot through his lifetimes, the most notable thing, was his political campaign through Europe that ended with him uniting Germany under Prussian rule. Using his skills in Realpolitik, which is politics without a formal ideology behind it, he managed to kick Austria out, take down France, and secure allies for Germany. Russia was one of the most important allies they had secured, along with Italy and Spain, these three nations insured that Germany would stay safe for a long time. Since the Ottomans were very weak from the wars with Russia, the only ones that could challenge Germany was France and England. Otto ultimately led to an end of aggression against Germany, a stronger Germany, and securing Germany as a world power. This led to a safer Germany and relatively stable Europe.

He also shattered the balance of power that was built so carefully. By shattering the balance of power, Bismarck was able to push Germany to world power status. The new order that Bismarck had established, was made with such care that there would be no war.

His policies led to many years of peace and prosperity for all in Europa, but like Bismarck said, it would all come down “because of some damned thing in the Balkans”. Qualities of Bismark Some qualities of Bismarck that made it fun to read about him, was how wild he was in his youth. When he was still a farmer, he would mark his entry into a neighbor’s house by firing off to pistols into the ceiling. He would also drink a lot and hold many parties. As he got older it seemed time polished the rough edges of Bismarck and made him calmer and more approachable.

This along with some of his wild side made for an interesting politician. Even though he was calm and would often be reasonable, he would insult foreign powers and make fun of their leaders. Students choice Something interesting that hasn’t been mentioned was how he united with the Catholics to fight against the socialists in Germany.

Even though Bismarck disliked Catholics, he reluctantly decided to work with them to help fight against the socialist threat. As socialism and communism were gaining steam across Europe, Otto saw the threat they posed to the German monarch, so he went to the Catholics and decided to work together to fight against the socialist enemy.


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