Being more made to do one thing

Being more made to do one thing

Being soft, social software is rich with grouping together possibility of human activities, and may be deeply laced together with social and organizational processes(Anderson & Dron, 2014). Unlike more made to do one thing very well tools that are designed for particular purposes and have little flexibility, if any at all, for other choice uses, social software enables to showing the ability to create interesting new things with the uses and purposes that its designers probably never dreamed of. It is this way for a change and ability to create interesting new things in learning and teaching.

Although it would be a statement that says that something is much bigger to suggest that all students enjoy working and learning with others, the opportunity to make new social contacts and build new networks of friends is an important reason why many work at formal educational activities.According to Vaughan(2014) state that in order to make sure that students reflected on the course material and came to class prepared for an activity, they needed a space for reflection that also allowed the professor to view and record learning. The answer to this was a showing the ability to create interesting new things form of discussion board posting. Within each lecture, there was an embedded discussion on time that students needed to listen for and write down. As the goal was to make sure students were actively listening, the prompt was not listed on a slide and the location varied within the lecture.

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The placement depended on what they were to reflect on and was given out where it was appropriate. Students were demanded to watch the lecture and respond to the discussion question by midnight on the day before class met. The professor could log into the discussion board before class, have a read through the postings and gain an instant idea of what the students took away from the lecture, where they needed support and what mistakes in thinking needed to be talked to. This was extremely valuable to creating a successful learning experience in class and needed students to be active listeners not allowing something to happen without reacting or trying to stop it receivers of knowledge.

Beside that, student can creatively think about the solution in order to identify the answer or the question given.


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