Being a little break that will make them

Being a little break that will make them

Being a supervisor, I’ll motivate them by giving them incentives to make them productive. Increasing their wages will encourage them to perform their task well.

However, restricting the employees will not work because their life has been assigned to the technology which most of the time of the work; they are in front of the computer that entices to open social networking or shopping sites which is not related to work. I will not totally restrict them further, in order not to restrict the employees totally; I will permit them to do their non-work related activities during break time since they also deserve a little break that will make them calm and not so stressful. As a supervisor, I will take a survey from them that deals with knowing what they would suggest in order to have a pleasant workplace that will affect them in a good way.

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In that I guess my employees will be encouraged to work well.


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