As there is no one on the island

As there is no one on the island

As Ralph and Jack’s conflict over power last for a great amount of time in the novel, greed also has it’s way of deteriorating civilisation. The conflict between Ralph and Jack is separated into good and evil. As Ralph becomes leader in the beginning of the novel, he keeps everything under control. As Ralph’s intentions are to keep the group civilised, he starts to lose control and Jack becomes leader. Once Jack becomes the leader of the tribe, things start to go out of control.

As Jack’s tactic to scare the kids into obeying him, work out, they all slowly develop into bloodthirsty and savage people. All from Jack abusing his power and maintaining it through his ruthless behaviour. Jack influences the group to become uncivilised by performing savage acts, such as killing children on the island, as there is no one on the island who can challenge his power.

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Jack takes advantage of his selfish desire for power, which is the reason why all of the boys become so uncivilised in Lord Of The Flies.


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