As behaviour, especially to the people outside

As behaviour, especially to the people outside

As a Keralite, I am extremely satisfied and happy with my lifestyle and I am especially connected with the traditions of my State. The thing that I like or don’t like is influenced by the Culture. Regardless of whether values, customs, traditions my mentality, food etc. Being a Keralite I was raised in many ways simpler. Family relationship has very much importance in Kerala Culture.

Every child is raised with family values and social values. The main principle a child learns from his or her childhood is the important family values and manners. Having great behaviour, especially to the people outside of the family is very important in my Culture.

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Generally in my culture, the entire family is being judged by how just one member behaves. So the general idea we used to follow in our culture is to give respect and take respect which I have applied in each situation of my life. Being raised with great family esteems everyone chooses what is best for the family more than what is best for them.

So every decision taken by an individual is basically is for their family. Being in this culture for me also my family is important and if Culture is one’s identity then my identity is my Family.


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