All deafness it would “ruin” Mark’s chance at

All deafness it would “ruin” Mark’s chance at

All the constant negativity Mark dealt with towards being deaf made him too feel extremely negative about his deafness. He had started to feel, from a young age, that deafness was this horrible thing and he should try to get rid of it at all costs, it was not welcome in his life. He was even denied the right to learn to sign in his home with his deaf parents in an attempt to retain his hearing skills and not become to dependent on ASL.

His grandparents believed the way to improve Mark’s hearing was for him to keep attending school with children who could hear, because if he were to go to a school that would sign and help him accept his deafness it would “ruin” Mark’s chance at being able to be “fixed”.School was difficult for Mark from the start because his classrooms contained more than twenty students and the information he needed to learn would only go over his head.

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