After I was given first task to do

After I was given first task to do

After getting through with the organization and my duties and responsibility in the organization I was given first task to do in organization. My first task in the organization was to match and verify all the entries from the challan book of sale to the entries of Tally, which earlier was inserted by the accountant of the company. I have to checks all the quantity of sale of particular parties, both net quantity and gross quantity. I have to check wither rates in challan are matching entries in tally or not.

If some of the items are not matching then I have to mark them and after ward I have to ask to my supervisor and make the changes in the Tally. My supervisor helps me lot in operating Tally software. And after some days I was through with that software.

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DAY 16 – DAY 29On working 7 to 8 days with the Tally now I was through with the working of Tally. Now my next duty was to inserts the entries of sales of particular parties from the challan of the company i.e. what all item parties had purchased, number of boxes they have purchased, quantity o


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