Adidas named, Karhu sports in exchange of

Adidas named, Karhu sports in exchange of

Adidas AG, is a German producer dealing in strong athletic shoes, clothing, accessories, and sports equipment. The organization was begun by Adolf Dassler in his mom’s home; he was joined by his senior sibling Rudolf in 1924 under the name Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

In 1949, after a breakdown in the link between the siblings, Dassler made Adidas, and Rudolf set up Puma, which turned into Adidas’ business match. The name Adidas (stated “adidas” by the organization) is an abbreviation of the name of originator Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler. Adidas was the largest sports manufacturer in Europe in the early 21st century and the second largest producer of sportswear (after Nike) in the world.

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Adidas logo is three stripes, which is utilized on the organization’s clothing and shoe outlines as a promoting help. Adidas acquired it´s logo in 1952 from a sports company named, Karhu sports in exchange of two bottles of whiskey. The main Head Quarters of Adidas is in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


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