According provided by three subgenres that are

According provided by three subgenres that are

According to the book “Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature,” we can see different types of genres, such as traditional literary, fantasy genre and historical realism. Each genre of children’s literature addresses children in different ways and enriches the children’s world in their own way. In Charlotte’s web book from E.B.White, we can also see one of the genres, and this is the genre of fantasy.The fantasy genre is a genre as an unreal world, imaginary, unessential, and not true.

In addition, the fantasy genre is provided by three subgenres that are called high fantasy, fantastic history and science fiction. A high fantasy subgenre includes the nature of character conflict between evil and good. Another is fantastic stories that include very rational and realistic stories, but with fantastic information. Some of the fantastic stories include the personification of animals. For example speaking animals.

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Talking animals charm most of the youngest children, but they do not leave indifferent adults. The Charlotte web-book is one of the examples of the book. In the book we see how all the animals talk co-operatively to be angry or have fun at all, we see different emotions in animals and their conversations that in principle cannot happen in the real world. For example, “Do I start calling a roll of Wilbur?” (P86).

“You are my best friends, and I think you are sensational,” said Charlotte (p91) from Charlotte’s Web book (White). And last one is science fiction that tell us about things that never happen, but can sometimes happen in the distant future. Finally, today many authors become popular and have become lovely books for children and adults. These books give us a chance enter to colorful and unreal worlds where people enjoy dream and learn something new.


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