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According to Nelson F.

Hincapie’s article “Voices for Children Is Making a Difference for Foster Children”, the program ‘Voics for Children’ helps to provide guidance and emotional support to every child who, unfortunately, ends up in foster care. Hincapie discusses how this program have invested in the lives of the young men and women who deserve an opportunity and simply need someone in their corner to speak for them. He also uses key information like how “Guardians ad Litem currently represent 87 percent of the children in foster care, the highest rate of representation in the past 10 years”. There is a new desire to renew housing and impact the lives of children in foster care and the goal for the child welfare system is to encourage more people that have been withdrawn from the system can own their story and break the cycle of abuse.

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Overall Hincapie provides vital information about ‘Voices’ challenging a summer campaign within the next few years to embark “the now adults who have aged out of foster care, whether they are successful contributors to our society or they are homeless or in prison as most statistics now suggest”.


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