7 the war AFTER EFFECTS – Europe

7 the war AFTER EFFECTS – Europe

7 Years War “French-Indian War” mid 1700s, Britain making great efforts to strengthen its global naval supremacy. Alliances were formed (Britain-Prussia, France-Austria) French had alliance of the First Nations (Native Indians) made the mistake of letting colonies fend for themselves; Leaving the majority of their troops in Europe to fight the battles there. (1789), while the battle on the Plains of Abraham were taking place, 2 other battles were decimating the French fleet (Lagos in Portugal and Quiberon Bay in France). allowed the British to gain naval supremacy on the Atlantic & cut off supply lines to French troops in New France.

Treaty of Paris signified the end of the war AFTER EFFECTS – Europe in massive debt, needed to find new way to recoup losses – Royal Proclamation of 1763 sought to limit land claims and settlement of Western territories, partly to avoid conflict with Native American tribes there.

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