5s have successfully implemented the methodology of

5s have successfully implemented the methodology of

5s are called the working method developed in Japan that has for objective do the workplace be a friendly place, clean, organized, efficient, safe and stimulating.The methodology of the 5s was developed in the 60’s, due to the success achieved during successive years the methodology of the 5s has expanded and implemented in many organizations and businesses of all types, hospitals, banks, workshops, schools and even restaurants have successfully implemented the methodology of the 5s.5s is named by the Japanese initials that describe each of the five stages that made up this methodology:1s – Sort (Seiri) – remove unnecessary materials2s – Set in order (Seiton) – Locate necessary materials3s – Shine (Seiso) – Remove dirt4s – Standarize (Seiketsu)5s – Sustain (Shitsuke) – Supporting, continuous improvementThe first S (Seiri) consist to identify, separate and remove all the things that are unnecessary in our daily work, during this first phase we examine carefully all materials, tools and equipment surrounding the job and will define if it´s necessary or not.


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