4.0 refer to appendix. . ). Kewpie ranked

4.0 refer to appendix. . ). Kewpie ranked

4.0 Positioning mapping analysis Kewpie mayonnaise have the highest price (refer to appendix..) among all the competitors.

For a bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise, the price is RM18.86 at 350ml (refer to appendix .. ) . Therefore the price per 100ml of Kewpie mayonnaise is RM5.39 ( refer to appendix.

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. ). Kewpie ranked the second highest among all the competitors. For award, Kewpie mayonnaise received the Dressing of the Year in the year of 2016 (The Association for Dressing and Sauces, 2018).

The Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS) was founded in 1926 and this association provide manufacturers of salad dressing, mayonnaise and condiment sauces and suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment to this segment of the food industry. Its purpose is to serve the best salad dressings industry members, its customers, and consumers of its products through a governing body of a 16-member Board of Directors and eight working committees. ADS recognize and celebrate truly innovative and delicious dressing products. Nominations for the award were presented from ADS members and were then voted on by members via a blind taste test at the ADS May 2016 Technical Meeting in Savannah, Georgia. ADS members voted for the dressing deemed to have the best overall taste. (The association for Dressing and Sauces 2018 ). The Kewpie group is expanding widely and fowardly to secure their business going up.

To this end, they are reinforcing their presence in existing areas and entering new market with providing the high quality capabilities nurtured in Japan. At the same time, they are expanding products domains that employ the group resources. In China and Southeast Asia, which in particular are exhibiting remarkable growth, awareness toward the Kewpie brand is increasing not only among the household, but also in the food service market (Kewpie Investor guide, 2015a). In Malaysia, the Kewpie mayonnaise factory was opened in 2010 ,the group able to get the Halal certification from the relevant government agency recognizing that its products are permissible under Islamic law (Kewpie Investor guide, 2015b). The Malaysian love the brand of this mayonnaise and successful made this Kewpie brand rank as the first salad dressing in peninsular Malaysia in the year of 2017 (Kewpie Malaysia, 2018). Since entering to the market in 1993, the value of the Kewpie brand was recognise by the Chinese government in 2010, when Kewpie became the first Japanese food manufacturer to receive “Far Farmed Trademark” (Kewpie Investor guide 2017a). The Far Farmed Trademark is a certification issued by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China for highly visible and recognizable brands.

(Kewpie Investor guide 2017b). FSSC 22000 was developed by a Dutch organization and is supported by the Global Food Safety Initiative of the Consumer Goods Forum, which counts U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart and Japan;s Aeon among its members.

Kewpie has already obtained the certification at six domestic facilities and three sites in such foreign countries as Thailand and Malaysia. Kewpie mayonnaise is also safe to use because Kewpie mayonnaise have the quality control of FSSC 22000 (Nikeii, 2014) which FSSC 22000 represents a whole new approach to food safety risk management throughout the food supply chain. ( Lloyd’s 2018). The ingredient of the Kewpie mayonnaise include egg yolk, vegetable oil and vinegar.( refer to appendix.) Hellmann’s mayonnaise have the second highest price ( refer to appendix.

. ) among all the competitors. For a bottle of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, the price is RM 15.49 per bottle of 400ml (refer to appendix..

). Therefore the price per 100ml for the Hellmann’s mayonnaise is RM3.87 (refer to appendix..

).For award, Hellmann’s had received UK Good Egg Award in 2012 (Compassion in World Farming, 2018). Hellmann’s mayonnaise are one of the trademark of Unilever-affiliated company (Hellmann’s2018). Therefore, Hellmann’s mayonnaise squeeze bottle had also received The Association for Dressings and Sauces 2015 Package Of The Year. Its “clean lock cap eliminates drips and the precision tip allows for easy control during use along with Selig Group’s, Lift and Peel induction liner ( William Reed Business Media Ltd, 2018). By winning two award, they are given 5 points out of 6 (refer to appendix table.

. ). Hellmann’s mayonnaise also had received a recognition which is 2nd Global Access to Nutrition Foundation (ATNI) 2018. (Nutrition, Global index, 2018) The Global Access to Nutrition Index 2018 is the third Global Index published by the Access To Nutrition Foundation (ATNF) The first was published in 2013 and the second in 2016. (Inge Kauer, 2018).

Hellmann’s mayonnaise is also safe to use because Hellmann’s mayonnaise obtained the quality control of FSSC 22000 (refer to appendix..) which FSSC 22000 represents a whole new approach to food safety risk management throughout the food supply chain. (Lloyd’s 2018a).

Nowadays, Malaysian start to concern about their health and they started to concern about what they consume daily. Hellmann’s mayonnaise is safe to consume because it contained no added MSG, starches or gums and it is free from artificial flavours, and colours, and made with pasteurised eggs and the Hellmann’s mayonnaise provide a benefit to the customer which is the mayonnaise contained a source of omega 3. (Unilever food solution, 2018). Therefore the ingredient in the Hellman’s mayonnaise had cage-free eggs, soybean, oil, and vinegar (refer to appendix table..).

Cage-free eggs come from hens that live indoors, but are not confined to cages. They can move about and perform basic natural behaviors, like spread their wings, dust-bathe, roost, scratch and lay their eggs in nests. It’s a significantly better life. ( Hellmann, 2018). Therefore Hellmann’s mayonnaise score the highest point among the competitors ( refer to appendix table..).

The price of the Kenko Mayonnaise is RM17.92 per 500ml (refer to appendix..). It stated the second lowest quality ( refer to appendix.. ) and the price of a bottle of Kenko mayonnaise per 100ml is RM3.

58 among the competitors (refer to appendix..).For award, Kenko mayonnaise received No.2 in Japan for mayonnaise and dressings (Yoshiyuki Muroya, 2014a) and managed to receive No.1 for long-life salads.

The company is a professional-use food manufactured, for food service industry, supermarket stores and convenience stores. As far as the market for professional-use food is concerned, “Kenko mayonnaise” has been well recognized. (Yoshiyuki Muroya, 2014b). in order to deliver a safe and reliable products to customers, Kenko mayonnaise carefully select production areas for the ingredients of the major products, condruct strict examinations to the process of manufacturing, manufacturing environment and management systems.(Kenko mayonnaise, 2017). In addition, Kenko mayonnaise is recognise by HACCP (Bridge Report, 2018). HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) is the internationally recognised structured operating method that helps organisations in the food and beverage industry identify their food safety risks, prevent food safety hazards and address legal compliance.

(Lloyd’s, 2018b). Kenko mayonnaise is made of egg, vegetable oil and sugar.( refer to appendix).-The Association for Dressing and Sauce (2018), 2016 Dressing of the Year Award.

At https://dressings-sauces.org/2016-dressing-year-awardThe Association for Dressing and Sauces(2018), About the Association for Dressing and Sauces. At https://dressings-sauces.org/about-association-dressings-and-sauces-adsKewpie Investor Guide (2015), recognition at https://www.kewpie.co.

jp/english/ir/pdf/investors-guide/investors15.pdfKewpie (2017 July 1), No.1 Salad dressing in Malaysia available at https://kewpie.com.my/?cat=22&year=2017#newsKewpie Investor Guide (2017), recognition a https://www.

kewpie.co.jp/english/ir/pdf/investors-guide/kewpie_investors_guide_2017.pdfLloyd’s (2018), what is FSSC 22000.

At http://www.lrqa.com.my/standards-and-schemes/fssc22000/Nikkei (20 February 2014), FSSC 22000 Kewpie mayonnaise recognition at http://www.fssc22000.com/documents/news-items/news-2014/20022014-growing-interest-japan.xml?lang=en


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