3.Countercurrent renal pelvis, while the tubular fluid

3.Countercurrent renal pelvis, while the tubular fluid

3.Countercurrent multiplication mechanism is when the kidneys use energy to generate an osmotic gradient. This enables you to reabsorb water from the tubular fluid and produce concentrated urine. This mechanism prevents you from producing huge amounts of dilute urine.

This Is also why you do not need to continuously drink in order to stay hydrated. Tubular fluid that is in the descending section flows towards the renal pelvis, while the tubular fluid in the ascending section is flowing towards the cortex. This mechanism reabsorbs water and solutes before the tubular fluid can reach the collecting ducts and DCT. H2O is more permeable through the descending limb and solutes are more permeable through the ascending limb. In the end DCT received a smaller volume of tubular fluid with an osmotic concentration of 100 mOsm/L. The other mechanism is countercurrent exchange is where solutes and water must be reabsorbed and returned to the blood stream without disrupting the medullary osmotic pressure 0f 300 mOsm/L. The filtrate that enters the decending limb increases in concentration.

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NaCl and K become more dilute through the ascending limb. Passive exchange occurs with the exchange of H2O and NaCl in the vasa recta. Then the vasa recta and collecting duct can passively exchange H20 and NaCl. 1.

Some on who has glomerulnephronitis would be at an increase risk for metabolic acidosis because the renal filtering functions are not taking place. The function of the kidneys is to maintain the acid-base balance. If they are not functioning right then this is not taking place, the metabolic acidic material cannot be removed from the blood which will gather and lead to metabolic acidosis. Filtration is not taking place so materials like phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid can not leave the blood.


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