1 and distortions of information and save

1 and distortions of information and save

1 Communication Activities in Microsoft; What make them special?Microsoft Corporation practice lot of wheel pattern of communication where it is claimed to best communication pattern as it reduce problems and distortions of information and save time.

The employer of any department in the company have said that to make the communication between employers and employees in the company getting better, they need to communicate in good ways. They do not treat them just like an employee but they treat them like a real person.In this case, when they having better relationship, it will make the communication among them better.

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Not like as other employers outside there that treat their employees in very bad way such as ask their employees to do work until they have no time to break or need to take their works to home. This company, Microsoft Corporation know how to handle the relationship between employers and employee in other word, to keep them engaged in no matter what their situation and condition.3.2 Involve EveryoneIt is a kind of involving all employees in the big events.

For example during annual dinner which held in a stadium. What makes this worldwide company special is company will webcast it meeting with the television format and give free voucher for those who are viewing from online if the employee cannot make it to the function. These practice objectives are to help employees meet each other and recognize them in unique functions and also they will pay attention and improve better understanding among each other.

3.3 Writing communicationDespite on unique method to improve the verbal communication, they cannot abandon writing communication as it makes this worldwide company keep running. Because of this fact, Microsoft creates a system to improve writing communication as they create the system of info graphics called ‘By the Numbers’ based on application because it very helpful for software programmers to understand the problems occur. Moreover, it also very helpful for engineers because they like numbers and easily bring out equations or formulas. Normal employees will creates graphics externally for some meetings and discussions. It makes the employee so simple.Plus, they also preparing an outline with checklist.

The checklist must include with important objective, main points in logical support of that objectives. Writing for audiences must adjust with tone style and pace and contents also according to requirements. So, transferring information process become more accurate and fast.

3.3 ‘Give and Take’Microsoft practices attentive and active listening. Since the employees also have their rights in company, they will patiently to listen people out and also can accurately define the opinions.

There are some types of proficiency level in listening. Giving attention while other person talks and giving opportunity to let them speak so they can considerate the opinion of other. Microsoft company also treat their employees not just by well communicating but they also give their employees some benefits of being working in the company.

In some time, Microsoft Company also offered their employees some discounts on their products. So, they can buy the products with special prices as they get the benefits of being working in the company. By this way, employees of Microsoft Corporation feel more appreciate, thus will increasing their productivity that lead to improvement in company product quality as well as quantity.3.4 ‘Killing Two Birds with One Stone’During the offer day, the company also turn the shopping of their products for the employees as a social event for outsider too. Microsoft bring in a general manager from retail stores to gives some explanation about the product they want to buy and also answering their questions about the products from Microsoft. People can ask anything they want to ask even the simple questions as the manager will answered them.

We can see how good they treat other people and automatically, we see the communication going very well. It also can exposed to outsiders as this company is very good in having communication with other people even they are in a big and well-known company. For them having a good communication is the key to keep their company being respected by the people from outside of the company.In conclusion, this is one of the activities made by Microsoft company to keep their employees engaged. We can see this activity is very good in order to improve the communication skills between employers and employees.

3.5 Move AroundThe other way of making the communication activity of Microsoft company different from others company is employees can move away from their desktop when doing their works in the office to gather the information from other employee.They do not have to keep stay in one place just looking on desktop to get any information about their works but they can go around in their office to get some advices, demanding information they need in order to complete their works.

So, we can say that they do not have to keep stressing themselves to settle down their works just interacting with computers but they can communicate with other people when they want to ask some information. This kind of thing automatically make them feel less stress and more relax even they are actually working.Microsoft also can see thing way as a business opportunity for their company because this thing can let employees to know more about their products. When the employees know more by themselves, they surely can expand this information about Microsoft products to other people outside such as their friends, family and relatives.3.6 Microsoft and Naysayers Microsoft also having social engagement where it open the door to naysayers (a person who always have pessimistic views) who jump in on the comments in social medias and say any bad or good comments about their products.

This opportunity is actually use for the company receive comment directly from customer as the company not just make the products to customers to use it but they also willing to hear and accept any negative or positive comments and feedbacks from their customers. As we can see that Microsoft not just keep quiet and take their hands off from any problems faced by the customers. They try to make the things fixed and getting better. Microsoft decided to allow any complaints and allow an expert respond to them. The openness of Microsoft won over critics in the community.

In conclusion, we can follow this way of communicating between a company with their customers so, they will feel the satisfaction with the company even they are having the problems with them. They try to settle it down and not make the things become worsen when having problems with the products by Microsoft because the communication has make it become clear.


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