1. 3. Growing immigrant population that enables to

1. 3. Growing immigrant population that enables to

1. Rooms to grow to international arena.2.

Passing of Dodd-Frank Act in 2010 enables bank financial stability to be monitored to failure that have negative impact to economy. 3. Growing immigrant population that enables to create more willing employees, highly-diversified work environment. 4.

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Expanding of mortgage portfolio as competitor wary of lending post 2008 subprime lending crisis. 5. Technology enabled offerings such as internet banking enable for cost optimization.6. Expansion to securities business via acquisition of Wachovia Bank in 20097. Acquire upper hand in the market via appointment as primary dealer for U.S Treasury Debt.

8. Enhancing of mobile channel in banking.9. Possible interest raised by Federal Reserve in 2H 2016.

10. Possible “relief rally” early 2017 when new president sworn in.Threats1. Possibility of default loan by energy company due to low oil prices starting in 20152. Loan delinquencies in areas reliant to energy industries such as Houston & Alaska starting in 2015.

3. Low interest rate by Federal Reserve since Q4 2008 due to subprime mortgage crisis.4. Consolidation in the US banking industry and Marketplace Lenders (MPLs) post 2008 crisis increases number of competitor.

5. Regulations on contingent commission to broker shall impact relations with customer / agents as it its structured so that bank insurance companies’ broker compete on the fee paid to them rather than the price to the buyer.6.

Rising incidents of online scams as number of online banking users increased in the past decade.7. Gloomy world economi


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