1.7 operationally defined as the level of tourists’

1.7 operationally defined as the level of tourists’

1.7 DEFINITION OF TERMSThe terms included in this research are local food, cultural and heritage and facilities and infrastructure. Below is the definition of each of the terms.1.7.

1 Local Food Local food defined as how far the particular food is travelled for example, (The 100 – Mile Diet). Local food is anything that is transported within the same state. (Smith & MacKinnon, 2007)1.7.

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2 CultureCultural and heritage are expressions of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from a generation to generation including customs, practices, places, artistic expressions and values. (Gorman & Simon Thurley, 2001).1.7.3 Infrastructure Infrastructure as services and facilities necessary for its economy to function.

Infrastructure is composed by public and private physical improvements such as roads, water supply, bridges, telecommunications and internet connectivity (Fulmer & Jeffrey, 2009).1.7.4 Tourist LoyaltyTourist loyalty is operationally defined as the level of tourists’ perceptions of a destination as a recommendable place and their willingness to revisit the place (Joseph Chen, 2001).


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