• different areas. It mainly differs from strategic

• different areas. It mainly differs from strategic

• The field of human resource plays a crucial role to organization in different areas.

It mainly differs from strategic planning to the other images of the organization. It gives a chance to number of employees by providing services in a small business. HR practitioners also plays a very vital role in maintaining the HR programs and also help in enhancing number of employees in the workplace (6 Technological Trends that Redefine Human Resource Management., n.d.).

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• Mainly orientation programs are held to coordinate new employee in the workplace and a special training is given to all the employees and it also focuses in maintaining the physical, emotional atmosphere. The main motive of training is to provide the company support and to offer the employment practices to the workers in which management plays a special role (Mayhew, R., 2018, June 27). Discussion of the implication on HR practices.• In organizations HR departments help the workers to become the good decision makers and encourage to part in collaborations in making the new organization structure. It is the responsibility of HR management to evaluate and analyze employee data.

HR practices make smooth-running of all the employees in the working environment.• HR is responsible for recommending and establishing strategies for people and the affiliation that further the accomplishment of the affiliation’s indispensable goals. If your affiliation is changing course, developing new things, advancing mission, vision, or targets, HR must lead the course with agent activities and systems (Heathfield, 2018).• Good working condition is one of the focal points that the agents can imagine from a capable human resource gathering. (Administrator, 2017).• Human asset association has the most part turned around crafted by obligation, work fulfillment, and different leveled attainability.

(Human Resource Management and Its Importance for Today’s., n.d.).


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